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AuthorTopic: Oxyclassifieds 8.3 Nulled  (Read 25915 times)

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16 de April de 2017, 19:28
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Re: Oxyclassifieds 8.3 Nulled
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ok. Obrigaado

07 de March de 2015, 21:35
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Oxyclassifieds 8.3 Nulled
« Reply #1 on: 07 de March de 2015, 21:35 »

Oxyclassifieds 8.3 - is a versatile and powerful script to organize site announcements on various subjects, you can easily create a website announcements on such subjects as: general classifieds, auto classifieds, real estate, boats, pets and the like. The script is written in PHP and uses MySQL as a database.
Main Features:

Mobile support
More and more people are using mobile devices to access your classified sites. For easy mobile access our script goes mobile templates.

Subdomains location
Filter ads by location and save the selected location for each guest during each visit. Use subdomains to express the current location right in the URL of the site.

Google Maps
Allow your listing the publishers to choose the exact location using Google Maps. This function is available regardless of your location!

SEO friendly links
Help your site indexed better and ranked higher by search engines using Search Engine Friendly communication! Other features available SEO.

Multi-language support
Post your classifieds site more than one language. Your guests will be able to switch to the desired language directly from the frontend of the site.

Ready to Classifieds
Look great projects Web2.0. Easy to manage through a web admin interface. No HTML or programming knowledge is needed!


Functions functionality

• Mobile templates. People will look at your website as easily mobile.
• The filter arrangement. Configure one or more fields that can be selected and will be remembered as the current location. All the on-screen ads reflect that the chosen location every time you open your browser until you change it again.
• Subdomains location. Configure one field that will be used as a subdomain whenever you choose it as a location
• Fully customize listing, submit the form. Add unlimited fields of various types including Google Maps, Images, Files and Videos YouTube. You can even create category specific fields. Thus, your form for registration of transfer of real estate ads will be different from the form for registration of car ads.
• Customizable Quick Search and improve the Search form. Select the fields that you want to appear in your search forms.
• One step represents a form of ads. Easy to use, responsive form.
• Back up / search field Postcode. Allow your visitors to search ads in the distance range from a given zip / postcode location.
• E-mail Alerts. Your visitors can decide to be notified when new listings that match their search are added.
• Multi-language. Allow your visitors to switch languages ​​from site frontend.
• Save Ad favorites, so you can read them later.
• Write in a tweet when the ads will be sent


• User groups. You can create different groups of users. Each group of users can have different registration forms, different ad plans assigned and different settings that apply to users belonging to this group.
• Fully customize the fields of the registration form.
• Allow log on with a user name or just an email address.
• Accounts moderator. You can define users with administrative rights.
• Connect accounts. Affiliates to promote your website in exchange for a percentage of the generated income.
• Allow log on and register using Facebook, Google accounts and OpenID.
• Allow visitors to post ads without an account. Make the process of adding lists easier for your visitors, allowing them to leave a message without registration. You can use this model announcement Registration, and at the same time allow to send ads to a user account.
• Allow subscriptions as a special type of plan enumeration. Subscriptions allow your users to post many ads or period of time after the purchase a subscription to your classifieds site.
• Recurring Payment PayPal. Allow subscriptions to be automatically renewed using recurring payments.
• Bulk Downloads. Import multiple ads by uploading a single file.
• Internal messaging. Messages between users will be registered on your site.


• Discounts. Promote your site offering coupon discounts.
• Unlimited plans lists. You can create your listing plans as you want, and you can create plans for specific categories or assign them to certain groups of users only. Subscription plans are also available.
• The Featured Ads - Paid listings that show in a special section on the first page.
• Dedicated function Ads - Paid listings that are shown in different colors to be more visible than the other lists.
• Video function Classifieds - Paid, to allow the video YouTube, as shown in the image gallery ads.
• Prioritize function Listings - Paid, to place in the top of the listing, in front of all other lists.
• The Dealer Page - Paid, to prevent account a special page where user details and all user listings are shown and allow to replace the header image by your own logo.

Functions SEO

• Friendly communication SEO. Use the rewriting URL, URL to make the script a lot of search engine friendly.
• Subdomains location. Configure one field that will be used as a subdomain whenever you choose it as a location. An example would be to configure the City as a subdomain of the field. When the user selects Paris, for example, the website http: // yourdomain .com will be http: // paris
• Set the page title, meta keywords and description for each page.
• Sitemaps Google. The script will automatically generate and renew XML sitemap for your website.
• Tag Cloud. Show most searched words on your website as tags in a special section.
• canonical URL, to avoid multiple pages with the same content.

Content Management

• Web feeds. Publish latest ads as RSS-feeds. You can create unlimited tapes for different categories.
• Custom Pages. Add new content to your site easily using the editor HTML.
• Adjust the navigation. Add new links to their main navigation bar and the navigation bar, footer. Submenu, which is shown in the drop-down menu attached to the navigation bar are supported for the main menu.
• Banners. Easily add images, Flash and Code (AdSense like) banners on your site. Very flexible options location.

Site management functions

• Import and Export listings or users in XML or CSV.
• The planned imports. Configure automatic import from URL or Ftp-server.
• Backing up the database. You can do instant or scheduled database backups.
• New templates. Choose between 7 and 9 templates color schemes for your website.
• Set up a list of categories. You can create unlimited categories and subcategories.
• Templates and editor CSS. Edit your templates directly from the web interface.
• Full control over part of the design. HTML design files are completely separated from the script file PHP. This allows you to make changes easily in the part of the design.
• Simple language translator. If we do not support your language, you can translate the script yourself easily.
• Easy to set up or transfer all information and e-mails of the site.
• Customize your site localization. Adjust related settings like time zone location, character set, date format, price and number formats, currency, currency position.


• History log.
• Blocking IP.
• Post blocking.
• a forbidden word. Possible to filter some words from your content listing.
• View check for forms.
• activate your account via email.
• Built-in send mail system to prevent mail theft.
• Off-approval. You can choose it some lists, accounts or other actions to your site to wait for administrator approval.

Multiple payment gateways support. Available payments:
• PayPal
• 2Checkout
• MoneyBookers
• ePay
• Fortumo - SMS payment
• PayTPV
• Robokassa
• Hipay
• Payfast
• Manual payment. This payment type stands for any non-electronic payment.
• The system of credits. Users will be able to buy credits once, and then use them to pay for your site.
• The tax sales. Configure the sales tax, which will be added to the total amount paid by your clients.

Other features:
• Multiple photos. Number of images is configurable for each plan listing.
• Multiple photo downloads. You can select multiple images and download them right away!
• Display the automatic operations: Change photos order, Watermark, Limit upload size, Resize photos to a smaller size, Create thumbnails
• It is possible to include an HTML editor to describe lists.
• Check the lists as to sell or rent
• E-mail notifications when an item expires
• Renew expired ads.
• It is possible to automatically delete expired listings.

Additional modules:
All of the following modules are included in the default version

• Search field (search in zip or postal code field. This module requires additional data: a database with zipcodes / postcodes and the longitude and latitude coordinates.)
• Comments (Comment system for the transfer of parts of the page.)
• Calculator Loan (Loan Calculator Adds to the details page)
• Tag Cloud (show most searched word in the tag cloud.)
• Overview Location (display field where users can view the location and view lists of location.)
• Overview of the machine to do (Display the field where users can view lists of doing.)
• Similar Ads (Shows a lot of similar ads when listing details page.)
• Expansion Mehta (Allows you to customize the meta information for a variety of search results pages.)
• News (News module. Displays a short version for a lot of news on the front page.)
• Soak the comparison lists (Allow comparison between multiple lists.)
• Ratings and Reviews (Ratings and reviews system for lists or users.)
• Connect with third-party account (allow the use of logon FaceBook, Google accounts and OpenID.)
• Plug-in social networking (Add to your website: Buttons I like Facebook, Facebook's recent action, Tweet all ads automatically, buttons Tweet, Twitter follow button link page Facebook),
• Page Dealers list to create a page where all the dealers listed.
• Location Allows you to specify banners banners for certain locations.
• Popular ads show the most important viewed ads.
• Promote People list with ads that do not get enough hits will receive an email describing the options that will increase the visibility of listing
• Adult categories module defines some categories like using adult content and requires a page disclaimer.

Supported languages:
Script is able to work in a multilingual mode, which means that it can operate more than one language at a time. The script is available in the following languages:
• English
• Spanish
• French
• Italian
• Dutch
• German
• Portuguese
• Romanian
• Russian
• Arabic
• Hebrew
• Turkish
• Greek
• Polish
• Croatian
• Latvian
• Malay
• Hungarian
• Bulgarian
• Afrikaans

* A language marked with a star, interface translation frontend, but do not have a translation for the admin interface.
** In languages ​​marked with two stars, a partial translation